Michelle and Aurora's Adventures


This is Michelle's fiction work, it only belongs in her dream world

· 蜜桃画语

原创作者:🍑 蜜桃

Original Author: 🍑 Michelle




Michelle: A Primary 4 student, is a positive girl who loves to draw, play the piano and write stories. She is very curious about the world.



Michelle's Mom: Is a TCM doctor, likes to read stories for Michelle, tidy, and all things simple. Michelle thinks Mom looks a lot like Dae Jang Geum. She is patient and will always do the things she likes best.



Michelle's Dad: Very kind, cute, likes to do house chores and accompany Michelle to play games, works very hard and knows how to play the guitar.



Aurora: Very pretty, kind, has a mane of galaxy, superpowers, will always help and accompany children and has two adorable little sisters.



Alisia: Fashionable, caring, has a mane of shiny pink, is a very persevering actress and is one of Aurora's little sisters.



Anna: Very positive, has a pair of gigantic wings and a flowing golden mane. She has a way of making children happy and is also one of Aurora's little sisters.



When they First Met


The first time she saw Aurora was when Michelle was on an airplane from Yanji to Singapore. Michelle was gazing out the window at the blue sky and white clouds, when suddenly she witnessed a horse flying. When she took a closer look, she then realized that the horse was the alicorn she saw and wanted to meet in every dream - Aurora.


Michelle waved her hands as hard as she could, and the alicorn flew over, came in from the window and sat by her side. By golly, Michelle was on cloud nine!

When Aurora got Michelle's mom and dad's permission, she let Michelle sit on her back and flew back to her home. To show their gratitude, Michelle and her parents invited Aurora to dinner and they shared a lot of interesting stories.

Aurora had said that she had a job to go complete, so she has to go and meet the Polar Lights princess. Then, Michelle and Aurora hugged each other goodbye. Michelle watched her fly and become smaller and smaller, not knowing when they can meet again, feeling a bit disappointed.


Second Time they Met

有一天午餐后,蜜桃睡着了,朦胧中感觉有人在轻轻抚摸她的头发,她慢慢地睁开眼睛,“阿罗拉!” 蜜桃又惊又喜,在想:“我是不是在做梦啊?” “蜜桃,你的发夹哪儿去了?”阿罗拉调皮地笑着问。蜜桃才回过神来,开心地说:“哎呀,阿罗拉,就在你那儿啊,嘻嘻……”

One day, after lunch, Michelle dozed off. Sleepily, she felt like something gently patted her hair. She slowly opened her eyes, and let out a surprised yell, "AURORA?"

Michelle was half shocked and half overjoyed. Am I dreaming? she thought.

"Hey, Michelle, where are your hair clips?" Aurora smiled naughtily as she asked.

Michelle then paid full attention, saying happily, "Why, Aurora, it's just there by your side, hee hee…"


What is Aurora's Job?


To be continued...

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